401 W. Main St. Pikeville, NC 

After a year and a half of prayerfully bringing creativity and friendship together into a record, we've captured a subject close to the ministry journey we've been on: simply that men were created to know God and be known by Him and to value Him and rest in the value of being His. We've celebrated the songs of our previous full-length album, We Exalt, with many believers who feel the connect of a generational sound. However, Crafted In Eternity has set motion in our hearts with a universal focus of what God has been doing since, and before, the beginning of time. As we grew in our ministry focus we couldn't help but have a desire to simplify the gospel of Jesus Christ. After years of running through the filters of proper presentation, we felt led to create an album that erupts with God's love for mankind and unites with the timeless truth of salvation. October 24 at 7pm we will be releasing the record through a time of celebration at Gateway Community Church. Admission is free. We want you to be able to come as many as will, as well as unite with other Christians. We will also be giving a FREE COPY of the record to those who attend the event. A lot of time and effort, recording, money invested... and we want to give it away??? Yes. We want to honor you for joining us for this release. We look forward to worshipping with you and meeting you!